Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Release Date: 29 October 2009
Language: English
Running Time: N/A
Director: Isaac Forentine
Cast: Scott Adkins, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Mika Hijii, Garrick Hagon.

Synopsis: A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Release Date: 15 October 2009
Language: English
Running Time: N/A
Director: Dominic Sena
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Columbus Short, Alex O'Loughlin.

Synopsis: After two years stationed at Antarctica's South Pole research base, lone U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) is as anxious as anyone to be going home. She's turned in her resignation and is counting the hours and minutes to the last plane out. But three days before departure, a body turns up on the ice and Carrie is immediately thrust into Antarctica's first murder investigation. As the death toll mounts, the mystery deepens with shifting loyalties, deadly whiteouts, and a relentless killer who will stop at nothing to protect a secret buried for over sixty years. Now with everyone around her packing up and getting out, Carrie must solve the crime before Antarctica is plunged into six months of darkness and she is stranded with the killer on a land where nothing comes in and no one gets out.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Release Date: 8 October 2009
Language: Malay
Running Time: N/A
Director: Afdlin Shauki
Cast: Afdlin Shauki, Liyana Jasmay, Noorkhiriah Ahmad Shapie, Vanidah Imran.

Synopsis: A funny comedy about a single father and his daughter, and every man’s fear when their little princess grows up and wants to be a woman! Saadom who is a successful Nasi Kandar businessman in Pulau Pinang. His wife's last wish before passing away is for him to take good care of their daughter Mia. From a busy businessman who is so infatuated with his Nasi Kandar business, Saadom changes into a dependable father who is very much focused on his daughter's life. As Mia grows up and she gets a bit annoyed with her father's endless care. A huge dilemma arises as Mia is all grown up and ready for University life. Saadom then panics as he has no idea how to fulfill his late wife's wishes while she's away. PAPADOM hauled 5 awards at the recent Malaysian Film Festival including Best Film and Best Original Story is slated to release in cinemas on Oct 8.

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(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Release Date: 8 October 2009
Language: Korean
Running Time: N/A
Director: Shin Jung-won
Cast: Eun Tae-woong, Jung Yu-mi.

Synopsis: In a calm and peaceful mountain village Sameri where there has not been a crime for years, the community's headman dream about developing the village to bring up the economy of the town. One day a terribly damaged dead body was discovered in the grove of the new development that send the entire town into a panic as it has not happened before. Upon investigation it was confirmed that the victim, a young girl was murdered and attacked by a cannibalistic wild boar. The villages voice for the project to be closed but the headman greedy for money ignores the pleas and pushes the project ahead. Soon CHAW attacks again and terrorizes the entire town and new tourist/visitors...

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Release Date: 8 October 2009
Language: English
Subtitle: N/A
Running Time: N/A
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Cast: Bruce Willis, James Francis Ginty, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike

Synopsis: FBI agents (Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell) investigate the mysterious murder of a college student linked to the man who helped create a high-tech surrogate phenomenon that allows people to purchase unflawed robotic versions of themselves - fit, good looking remotely controlled machines that ultimately assume their life roles - enabling people to experience life from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The murder spawns a quest for answers for who's real and who can you trust.

The filmmaking trio behind the hit sci-fi sequel Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines re-team to explore a future in which humans live in isolation while only communicating with their fellow man through robots that serve as social surrogates and are better-looking versions of their human counterparts. Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent who enlists the aid of his own surrogate to investigate the murder of the genius college student who invented the surrogates. As the case grows more complicated, however, the withdrawn detective discovers that in order to actually catch the killer he will have to venture outside the safety of his own home for the first time in many years, and enlists the aid of another agent (Radha Mitchell) in tracking his target down. Jonathan Mostow directs co-screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato's adaptation of the graphic novel by author Robert Venditti and illustrator Brett Weldele.

In the near future, humans live in isolation and only interact through robotic bodies that serve as surrogates. When several humans are murdered when their surrogates are destroyed, a cop (Bruce Willis) investigates the crimes through his own surrogate. After a near fatal encounter, the cop's surrogate is destroyed and forces him to bring his human form out of isolation and unravel a conspiracy behind the crimes.

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(Source: Cinema Online)

Friday, September 25, 2009


Release Date: 1 October 2009
Language: English
Subtitle: N/A
Running Time: N/A
Director: Stewart Hendler
Cast: Audrina Patridge, Briana Evigan, Jamie Chung, Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis

Synopsis: Five sorority sisters, Cassidy (Briana Evigan), Jessica (Leah Pipes), Ellie (Rumer Willis), Claire (Jamie Chung) and Megan (Audrina Patridge) sworn to trust, secrecy and solidarity, no matter what. But when a prank goes wrong, Megan was brutally murdered and the sisters agreed to hide the body and keep their mouth shut. One year later, they received a video taken on the night of Megan's murder from an anonymous person. Since then, an unseen killer stalks all the girls. Now, the girls are trying to figure out which one of them let the secret slip.

When five sorority girls inadvertently cause the murder of one of their sisters in a prank gone wrong, they agree to keep the matter to themselves and never speak of it again, so they can get on with their lives. This proves easier said than done, when after graduation a mysterious killer goes after the five of them and anyone who knows their secret. [D-Man2010]

college juniors CASSIDY (Briana Evigan), JESSICA (Leah Pipes), CLAIRE (Jamie Chung), ELLIE (Rumer Willis) and MEGAN (Audrina Patridge) are sorority sisters sworn to trust, secrecy and solidarity, no matter what. But their loyalty is tested when a prank at a raucous house party goes terribly wrong and Megan ends up brutally murdered. Rather than confess to the crime and risk destroying their bright futures, the girls agree to hide the bloody corpse and keep their secret forever. Fast forward one year to graduation. As they prepare to say goodbye to the house and each other, the girls plan one last alcohol-fueled bash on Sorority Row, confident their dark secret remains buried. But does it? As the party rages in the front yard, the bedrooms and the hot tub, the girls receive cell phone videos taken the night of Megan's murder from an anonymous sender who threatens to forward the videos to the police. Then, one by one, the sisters and their unsuspecting boyfriends are stalked by an unseen killer. Has Megan returned from the dead to exact her revenge? Or was their secret discovered by someone else someone now determined to make them pay? Trapped, the girls race to figure out which of them let their secret slip, who wants them dead, and how to fight back as the bodies pile up and their beloved sorority house explodes into flames. A heart-stopping climax reveals the killer's shocking identity in this suspenseful, hip and sexy remake of the 1983 classic horror thriller.

Download Sorority Row Movie 900MB

(Source: Cinema Online)


Release Date: 1 October 2009
Language: English
Subtitle: Malay, Chinese.
Running Time: N/A
Director: Uwe Boll
Cast: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Til Schweiger.

Synopsis: Two Seattle reporters investigate the deaths of mercenaries on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Jack Carver, a former member of the German Special Forces takes the journalist Valerie Cardinal to an island to visit her uncle Max who is working in a military complex on the island. As they arrive Valerie gets captured by the minions of Doctor Krieger. Jack does not care about her until his boat explodes. After the destruction of his boat Jack finds out about the true purpose of the facilities on the island, which is the creation of genetically modified soldiers.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Release Date: 24 September 2009
Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese, Malay.
Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Director: David Twohy
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant, Steve Zahn, Marley Shelton, Kiele Sanchez.

Synopsis: Two pairs of lovers (Zahn & Jovovich, Olyphant & Sanchez) on a Hawaiian vacation discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists on the islands.

An adventurous young couple, Cliff and Cydney are celebrating their honeymoon by hiking to a remote beach in Hawaii. The couple comes across two hitchhikers, Cleo and Kale, and a group of frightened hikers discussing a double murder in Honolulu of another newlywed couple on the island, with the victims having their teeth pulled out, and they begin to question whether they should turn back.

Unsure whether to stay or flee, Cliff and Cydney join up with another couple, Nick, who claims to have a titanium plate in his head and be a former special forces operative, and his longtime girlfriend, Gina, a former butcher. Far from civilization or rescue, everyone begins to look like a threat and nobody knows whom to trust. Gina and Cydney swap personal stories, and Cydney tells Gina about Rocky, a former lover who murdered a neighbor's dog and displayed the corpse while the two were having sex and threatened to kill her if she ever told. Eventually the two couples spy a police helicopter arresting Cleo and Kale, and a search of Kale's bag reveals a Dentyne Ice box full of human teeth. Gina and Cydney reveal that each thought that the others were the killers, and the group continues to the beach.

After Cliff and Nick go kayaking to a nearby cove, Gina begins going through the other couple's wedding video, she inserts a memory card with a separate set of photos on and finds a shot that reveals that Cliff and Cydney are impostors. A series of flashbacks reveal that Cliff and Cydney are the killers, and have been killing people and then stealing their identities by ingratiating themselves with other couples while on vacation to learn their personal histories, mannerisms, and speech patterns. They killed the newlyweds from the wedding video and changed their appearances to look like them. We learn Cliff, revealed to be Rocky from Cydney's story, has been killing newlywed couples ever since he murdered the dog. Cydney, who was forced and eventually enjoyed participating in the murders, and Cliff learned more about their victims from all their friends and family talking about them in the wedding video. Earlier, Cliff planted the teeth in Cleo’s bag to frame both her and Kale.

Gina winds up on the top of the cave and sees Nick & Cliff below. Cliff shoots Nick in the back of the head, causing him to capsize. Cliff shoots at Gina but misses. Cydney fights Gina, but Cydney is thrown down and lands in the water. Gina runs and tries to call for help, but fails, and is nearly caught by Rocky before stabbing him through the hand with Cydney's knife. Gina runs, encountering another group of hikers looking for the stolen kayaks. Rocky attempts to convince the group that Gina is a crystal meth addict, and is having a delusional episode. His act seems convincing until one of the hikers, an EMT, points out that Rocky, not Gina, appears stoned, and Rocky shoots the entire group.

Meanwhile, Nick, having been saved by his titanium skull plate and hiding in the air pocket under the kayak, wakes up in the cave and goes to save Gina. Nick attacks Rocky, splitting his hand in half with a hatchet. Meanwhile, Cydney flags down a police helicopter. After nearly killing Rocky with the killer's .45 pistol, Gina jumps in the way of a police sniper and convinces Nick to drop the weapon, and the two embrace. Cydney sees Nick and Gina together and decides she will not go to prison for Rocky. She realizes how much she has changed for the worse, calling him, "The guy that fucked up my life." Cyndey informs the cops that the real killer is Cliff, and points out that he’s going for the gun while Nick and Gina have their backs to him. A sniper sees this and shoots Cliff in the forehead, killing him. It is unknown whether Cydney herself was arrested.

Gina and Nick are in the helicopter, and Nick proposes to Gina. After accepting, both suggest in unison to have no honeymoon

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Release Date: 20 September 2009
Language: Malay
Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes
Director: M.Jamil
Cast: Abon, Aziz Satar, Nabil

Synopsis: Adli who works in Bintulu, Sarawak goes back to his village in Temerloh and comes across a strange event where the people carrying a coffin during a funeral procession heading towards a cemetery, suddenly transforms into zombies. That night after prayers, he and his friends began talking about the signs and incidents that he experienced, which are believed show that something bad is going to happen.

(Source: Cinema Online)

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Release Date: 17 September 2009
Language: Korean
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Director: JK Youn
Cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Ha Ji-won, Park Joong-hoon, Uhm Jung-hwa.

Synopsis: Located on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Pusan. A popular vacation spots on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. One day, a geologist who is an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit but on a hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour.

(Source: RAM Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.)

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Release Date: 20 September 2009
Language: Malay
Running Time: 1 hour 34 minutes
Director: Azhari Mohd Zain
Cast: Cat Farish, Farah Fauzana, Mawi

Synopsis: Notti, a lonely female genie is sent for imprisonment by the court of genies for her indecency that is against their norm. Insulted by her conduct, the court decides to expel her to the world to do various bad things yet it never works to change her into becoming a bad genie. After a series of punishment and trial, the court has reached their verdict and has cast her out to the world forever. And her last wish in front of the court has only sparked her love interest with a human, Ajiz.

(Source: Cinema Online)

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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Release Date: 17 September 2009
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Director: Hoyt Yeatman
Cast: Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz, Nicolas Cage.

Synopsis: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer brings his first 3-D film to the big screen with "G-Force", a comedy adventure about the latest evolution of a covert government program to train animals to work in espionage. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, these highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws. Tapped for the "G-Force" are guinea pigs Darwin (Sam Rockwell), the squad leader determined to succeed at all costs; Blaster (Tracy Morgan), an outrageous weapons expert with tons of attitude and a love for all things extreme; and Juarez (Penelope Cruz), a sexy martial arts pro; plus the literal fly-on-the-wall reconnaissance expert, Mooch and a star-nosed mole, Speckles (Nicolas Cage), the computer and information specialist.

(Source: Cinema Online)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Release Date: 11 September 2009
Language: Mandarin, English.
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Director: Jack Neo, Boris Boo.
Cast: Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia.

Synopsis: “Where Got Ghost?” is a Horror-Comedy Chinese Movie. 3-in-1 Horror tales told in a good old comedy fashion.

Roadside Got Ghost: Swindlers Cai, Fu and Shou have a new scam - using a hotline to make random calls to people, promising them fortune. Those who win the lottery are required to pay commission to Cai or be scared into submission.
One day, Cai receives a phone call. The caller gives Cai deploying the same hotline trick. Believing it is a copycat of his scam, Cai naturally disregards the call, but goes ahead and tries his luck with the given number anyway. To his surprise, he wins. Mysterious happenings assume...

Forest Got Ghost: Nan and Lei return for army reservists' training. They learn that the place they will be sent is the widely known 'haunted hill', so they take the short cut. Suddenly, the 'haunted hill' seems to come alive - tombstones, red dress spirit and other strange sightings. Then it rains. Nan and Lei seek refuge at Yin Yin's house, a girl they just met. Little do they know their road to hell has been cut short...

House Got Ghost: It is the Lunar 7th Month, weird sightings happen at home, children can only think it is the late mother's doings. The truth slowly surface as they begin their road trip only this time it seems to be more than what they bargain for...

(Source: PrimeWorks Studios Sdn Bhd)

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Release Date: 10 September 2009
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Director: Robert Luketic
Cast: Bonnie Somerville, Bree Turner, Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl.

Synopsis: A romantically-challenged morning show producer (Katherine Heigl) is embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result. The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Pictures comedy The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. -andrew_dubatowka

Abby Richter is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway, a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. [Official Sony Pictures Synopsis] [D-Man2010]

Katherine Heigl stars as a lovelorn television producer who's made to run a gauntlet of romantic exploits by a pig-headed morning-show host (played by Gerard Butler) as a way to prove whose romantic methods are more accurate. Legally Blonde's Robert Luketic directs from a script by Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith, and Nicole Eastman. [D-Man2010

(Source: Cinema Online)

Download The Ugly Truth Movie 788MB

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Release Date: 20 August 2009
Language: English
Running Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Director: John Ballard
Cast: Peter Sarsgaard, Vera Farmiga.

Synopsis:The story of a couple (Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga) that seeks adoption after losing their own child, only to welcome into their house a young girl who has a hidden evil streak underneath her sweet demeanor in the Warner Bros. picture Orphan. House of Wax's Jaume Collet-Serra directs from a script by David Leslie Johnson.

Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) are experiencing strains in their marriage after Kate's third child was stillborn. The loss is particularly hard on Kate, who is still recovering from a drinking habit that cost her her job. While visiting the local orphanage, they decide to adopt Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a 9-year-old Russian girl. While Kate and John's daughter Max (Aryana Engineer), who is deaf-mute and communicates with sign language, embraces Esther almost immediately, their son Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) is somewhat less welcoming.

Kate grows suspicious when Esther, who watched Kate and John have sex, expresses far more knowledge of sex and its slang than would be expected for a child her age. Not long after Esther arrives, she pushes a schoolmate who had picked on her off a playground slide, breaking her ankle. Max saw Esther shove the girl, but covers for Esther by saying that the girl slipped. However, Kate is further alarmed when Sister Abigail (CCH Pounder), the head of the orphanage, warns her and John about Esther's tendency to be around when things go wrong. Esther overhears this and later kills Sister Abigail with a hammer to the head. She forces Max to help her hide the body and the hammer. Daniel sees Esther and Max descending from his treehouse from behind a rock, not knowing they hid the hammer there. Later that night, Esther threatens Daniel with genital mutilation if he tells anyone what he saw.

Kate is told that the Russian orphanage Esther came from has no record of her ever being there. However, John does not believe her, despite continued ominous behavior by Esther. At one point, Esther breaks her own arm in John's vise and convinces John that Kate broke it. On Esther's first day back at school, she slips Kate's SUV into neutral, nearly killing Max. Badly shaken, Kate buys two bottles of wine, but at the last minute pours one of them down the drain and leaves the other full.

Kate learns that Esther was housed at a mental institution in Estonia called the Saarne Institute, but when she expresses misgivings to John, he and her counselor think that Kate is relapsing into her drinking habit. After John produces the other bottle Kate bought the night before, he threatens to leave her unless she gets help.

Daniel learns of the hammer from Max and decides to get it and go to the police. However, Esther sets the treehouse on fire, intending to get rid of the evidence and kill Daniel. Daniel escapes by falling out of the tree, severely injuring his neck and knocking him unconscious. Esther tries to finish him off by smashing a brick over his head, but Max shoves her out of the way just in time. Esther again tries to kill him at the hospital by smothering him with a pillow. As doctors rush to save Daniel, Kate angrily knocks Esther down, and is sedated by doctors.

That night, Esther tries to seduce a drunk John. John realizes Kate was telling the truth all along and threatens to call the orphanage, but Esther stabs him to death. Max witnesses this and hides in her laundry hamper.

As Kate is coming out of sedation, she gets a call from the Saarne Institute's director, Dr. Värava (Karel Roden), who reveals that Esther isn't a 9-year-old girl at all, but a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer. She has hypopituitarism, a disorder that stunted her physical growth, and has spent most of her life posing as a little girl. The doctor tells Kate that Leena is dangerously psychotic, and warns her to protect her family. Kate rushes home, where Leena shoots her in the arm before searching for Max.

Their chase takes them outside to a frozen pond, where Kate and Leena struggle before falling through a hole in the ice. Kate crawls out of the hole, followed by Leena, who begs for her life, addressing Kate as "Mommy" while hiding a knife behind her back. Kate angrily responds that she is not her mother, and kicks Leena in the face, breaking her neck and sending her flying back into the pond to drown.

(Source: 20th Century Fox (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Release Date: 10 September 2009
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 36 minutes
Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Cast: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Kyra Sedgwick, Logan Lerman, Amber Valletta.

Synopsis: Gamer is a near-future action/thriller starring Gerard Butler (Kable) as the champion of an on-line game called "Slayers". Mind-control technology has taken society by storm and "Slayers" allows humans control other humans in mass-scale, multiplayer online game. With his every move tracked by millions, Kable's ultimate challenge is regaining his identity and launching an attack on the system that has imprisoned him.

In 2034, mind-control technology has taken society by storm, and a multiplayer on-line game called Slayers allows gamers to control human death row prisoners in mass-scale deathmatches. Any inmate who lives through 30 matches wins his freedom. Simon (Logan Lerman) controls Kable (Gerard Butler), the on-line champion of the game, having won 27 matches and lived through them all. When a virus hacks into the video mainstreams broadcasting a message from an elusive rebel group, Simon is offered the chance to communicate with Kable while in-game, which is not allowed. After a stranger gives Kable a warning that the game's mastermind plans to kill him, Kable is broken out by using a truck in-game.

Kable is taken to the rebels' leader (Ludacris) who explains that the mind control technology used on Kable and the other Slayers can potentially be used without discretion on anyone, potentially leading to the extinction of independent thought. He also gives Kable directions to where he can break his wife out of the mind control she is under. Kable arrives, and, after a brief shootout with security, manages to escape with his wife. While the rebels attempt to remove the cells from his wife's mind that make the mind control possible, Kable is taken into another room. The leader reveals that Kable was once a soldier, working on a future cellular control project. His friend was the first to receive the cell transplant. However, the owner of the game Slayers, a billionaire named Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall), decided to discover the true limits of the mind control. After forcing Kable to kill his friend, Kable is convicted of first degree murder.

Some four years later, the game Slayers came out, with Kable as one of the leading stars. Kable is then informed that his daughter was with a foster family, which happens to be Castle himself. Kable infiltrates Castles' mansion, but is confronted by Castle who is singing and dancing to music, all the while forcing other death row inmates to dance along with him. After a brief fight between Kable and the inmates, Castle leads him into a room with a large basketball court. Castle reveals that he also received the transplant, however, the cellular structure in him allows him to control anyone else who has the cells. This is proven when, having obtained a knife, Kable attempts to kill Castle only to find himself frozen still. Castle then savagely beats Kable and brings in his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, rebel members manage to broadcast their confrontation all over the world.

Kable is forced to crawl to his family, and Castle then attempts to force him to kill his own daughter. After a brief struggle of wills, Kable manages to move the knife away. Simon then returns in control of Kable and, using his controller software that he uses to control Kable in-game, Kable tricks Castle into using his controlling cells to stab himself in the stomach. After Castle dies, Kable requests for Castles' employees, who have been watching, to release the family from their control. They do this, and, with the words "Well played, Kable", depart. The movie then ends with Kable driving through a tunnel in Glacier National Park with his daughter and wife in the car.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

Download Gamer Movie 700MB


Release Date: 3 September 2009
Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes
Director: David R. Ellis
Cast: Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, Hayley Webb, Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andy Fiscella, Mykelti Williamson, Richard T. Jones.

Synopsis:The story kicks off when a teenager's premonition of a deadly racecar crash spares his life and those of a few lucky others. But death continues to stalk those who escaped it.

At McKinley Speedway, race fans are gathered in the stands to watch as cars speed around the track. Some are even hoping for a crash. Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) joins his friends, Hunt Wynorski (Nick Zano), Janet Cunningham (Haley Webb), and his girlfriend, Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten), with hot dogs and drinks in his hands. They are sitting in section 180. As he sits down, the bench almost snaps in half. Hunt offers the group a drink from his binoculars, which is just a cleverly-shaped canister. Lori asks him if that's straight-up Jack, but Hunt says it his buddy, Jim. Down a couple of rows, Bobby sees Samantha (Krista Allen), a wife and mother of two, tell her boys to put tampons in their ears to block out the noise. A cowboy (Jackson Walker) sits down in front of Nick and Lori, blocking their view. They ask him to move down. A mechanic, Charlie Kewzer (Andrew Fiscella), and his girlfriend, Nadia (Stephanie Honore), are sitting together a few rows down. Nadia says she can't see because of two people standing up. Charlie yells, "Down in front, a**hole!" A racist, Carson (Justin Welborn) and his wife (Lara Grice) see a black security guard named George (Mykelti Williamson) and Carson starts whistling Dixieland. George asks Carson to put his feet down. At the pit stop, wind knocks over a canister of motor oil and that spills down in the front of the tires of one of the cars. As the car speeds off, it dangerously slips on the motor oil, but regains control. Soon, a silver car pulls up and as the crew is filling it up, one guy leaves a sharp tool in a hole in the back of the car. One of the crew yells ,"Go! Go!" when everybody else isn't done, but the car speeds off. The tool in the back of the car drops onto the track shortly after. After a lap, a black car with flames printed on the sides runs over the tool, bursting one of the tires. The car soon starts doing cartwheels, sending two of the tires flying. Everyone in the stands jumps to their feet in eagerness as one the tires flies and hits Nadia in the head, decapitating her. Everyone sees this and runs to the exit in panic. Carson and his wife watch as one of the cars skids out of control, and they turn to run. The car explodes, sending the hood into the stands, slicing Carson and his wife in half. Stephanie and her husband and her kids try to get out. The husband takes the boys outside to safety, but Stephanie is left behind. She trips on the stairs leading to the exit, and people step and trip on her as she is on the ground. She turns over on the stairs with teeth missing and her mouth full of blood. Suddenly, an engine flies and slams her in the stomach, killing her. As people step on the bench Nick and his friends were sitting on, it breaks in many places. A piece of wood from the bench sticks up as people step on it, with a sharp point sticking straight up in the air. Charlie is staring at the headless body of Nadia when he sees an explosion. He decides to get out of there when he trips backwards and falls on the sharp point of the bench sticking up, as it impales him in the back of his head and out of his mouth. As Nick and Lori try to get out of the crowded exit, George calls to them and says that there is an exit on the other side as well. Nick and Lori run over to George and call for Hunt and Janet. As Hunt and Janet try to run over to the others, pieces of the stands above them start falling. One of the stands above collapse on Hunt and Janet. Nick and Lori see this, and run to the other exit with George. The cowboy is separated from everybody else when a flaming car is sent flying into the stands and flies into him, taking out a support beam. Nick, Lori and George get separated and Nick is one side of the exit and Lori and George is on the other, with a crowd of people trying to squeeze into the exit. A collapse takes out the people trying to get out. Lori looks at Nick helplessly as the car on the stands explodes, with the flames engulfing George and Lori. The blast sends Nick backwards into a piece of rebar, impaling him in the heart. Nick emerges from his premonition as he squeezes Lori's thigh in a tight grip. She asks what's wrong. Hunt offers the group his canister. Lori asks if that's straight up Jack. Nick says it's his buddy, Jim. He points out that a cowboy sits in front of him, as the cowboy comes to sit down. Nick tells them that Stephanie is going to make her boys put tampons in their ears. He struggles to remember what Charlie had said to the people in front. He mumbles "Down in front, a**hole." as Charlie yells the same sentence. He hears Carson whistle Dixieland and George tells him to put his feet down. Nick panics and says they have to get out of there, and starts to struggle. He falls on Charlie and Charlie takes off his jacket to fight him. Stephanie's sons get scared and run off and she and her husband follow. George pulls Nick up and Nick accidentally knocks Carson's beer all over his shirt. Carson runs after the group and tells his wife to stay in the stands. Nick, Lori, Janet, Hunt, George, Charlie, Nadia, Carson are all gathered outside the exit. Stephanie ran off after her kids with her husband. Nick says there is going to be a crash. Suddenly, the cars crash and everyone starts to run out of the exits. Carson tries to go back inside for his wife, but George won't let him. Nadia screams at everyone as a tire flies over the speedway and slams into her, decapitating her. Later at a coffee shop called Death By Caffeine, Nick, Hunt, Lori, and Janet are all sitting around a table inside. They see on the news that there will be a memorial held the following night for the victims. Nick and Lori decide to go. The next night at the memorial, Stephanie and her husband meet with Nick and Lori and thank them. George introduces himself to them and as they talk, Carson accuses George of killing his wife since he didn't let him go in after her. He then calls George the "N" word and tells him that his time is coming. Later that night, Nick has a nightmare of a red door, a hook, a cross, a horseshoe, and flames. George is at home, reading an Alcoholics Anonymous book when his mom calls. Carson pulls his tow truck up to George's house. He's drunk and is listening to hard rock on the radio. There is a metal horseshoe hanging off of his rear view mirror. He sees the lights go out in George's house and turns his radio off, but keeps the car on. He goes to the back of the truck and pulls out a huge cross and a shovel. As he does so, he accidentally lowers the hook on the back till it reaches the ground. A can of gasoline gets knocked over and spills on the hook's chain. As Carson goes over to George's lawn to start shoveling, the wind knocks the horseshoe off of the mirror and as it falls, it hits the radio, turning it on, and lands on the gas pedal, pushing the truck forward. The song "Why can't We Be Friends" starts blasting inside Carson's truck, and as he runs over to it, the doors lock. He runs to the back of the truck as it's still moving. The hook gets caught on the bottom of his pants and starts to drag him on the street. The chain dragging on the street causes the sparks to ignite the gasoline, setting Carson on fire. As he is being dragged, George comes out of his house and sees the tow truck dragging Carson. The truck explodes, and Carson's head lands at George's feet. The next morning, Janet calls Lori and tells her to turn on the news. Lori sees that Carson is dead and tells Nick. Nick has another vision of scissors, an eye, a straightener, and a ceiling fan. He says he doesn't know who's going to die next. Stephanie pulls up to a hair salon, and her two sons get out of the car in soccer uniforms. One son bets his brother he can't hit a sign with a rock so they start throwing stones at the sign. One stone lands in the grass a guy is about to start mowing. When one of them hit the sign, the guy yells at them. Stephanie tells them to go play video games down the street at the arcade and she enters the salon. She convinces the receptionist to give her an appointment with someone else after they close since her hair dresser isn't there. A hair dresser named Dee Dee (Cecile Monteyne) sets her up and as she raises the chair it falls back down. Stephanie gets startled, but Dee Dee reassures her. As Stephanie is getting her hair cut, the ceiling fan above is dangerously shaking as it spins. The receptionist lays her broom up along a shelf of hair products. It knocks a bottle of shampoo down onto the spout of a bottle of body butter, releasing some body butter onto the floor. The chair is creaking, and it is about to fall down again. Stephanie asks Dee Dee for some water. The receptionist comes to check on her. Stephanie puts her water down on the counter in front of her. The condensation of the cup drips and a bottle of hairspray slowly slips on the water toward the middle of the two hot plates of a hair straightener. The ceiling fan is coming apart as the hairspray is coming closer to the straightener. It slides in between the hot plates and starts to heat up. The bottle of hairspray is starting to turn brown due to the heat. Dee Dee is cutting very close to Stephanie's eye. Stephanie's sons run in with slurpees and slip on the body butter. Dee Dee stops and Stephanie asks if they're okay. Suddenly, the heat from the straightener burns through the can of hairspray and it bursts. Stephanie screams as the hairspray is launched at the ceiling fan and the fan falls right in front of her, nearly hitting her. A few minutes later, she pays the receptionist and when she opens the door, she tells the boys she's got her eye on them. As she turns to leave, the gardener mows over the stone her son threw and it is launched right into her eye socket. Blood flies through the back of her head and the receptionist and the boys start screaming as she falls dead. Later, Nick shows Lori, Hunt, and Janet that Stephanie died in an article. Nick tells them he knows how the next person is going to die and Lori shows them that they googled similar occurrences and shows them articles of the of 180 disasters. Hunt doesn't care, but Janet gets freaked out and leaves. Hunt says he's going to get laid and leaves. That night, Nick and Lori go back to the stands at the racetrack to remember the order of who died in his premonition. George catches them and takes them to the security office. He shows them the videos from the day of the accident and Nick remembers that Charlie dies next, then George, then Lori, then himself. Nick gets another vision of a car, a CO2 canister and other things. The next day, Nick, Lori, and George go to Charlie's workplace, where he is working on a car. Lori jumps and screams when flames erupt from a motorcycle's exhaust pipe for a cool effect, and accidentally hits a switch, which causes an angled platform to drop a short bit. Charlie rolls out from underneath the car and asks them why they're there, but his boss tells him to take them outside. As they go outside, one of the workers places a can filled with tobacco spit on a table and works on a car. As he is working the table shakes from the force, and the can spills on the wires of the metal spool holding Charlie's car in place with wrapped up cable on the angled platform. Charlie talks to them with a steel grate fence separating them. Charlie tells them he's trying to get his life back together since Nadia died. George tells him that he has been too since he got into an accident with his wife and daughter in the car when he was drunk. Nick says he's getting a bad feeling about something, when the wires of the metal spool short and the spool holding the cable is released. The car rolls down of the platform as George yells, "Look out!" The car almost crushes Charlie, but the cable on the spool runs out and stops the car from going further. Charlie comes out from behind the car, safe, and says that it's not his time to die. Suddenly, the weight of the car put the entire spool out of place and the spool flies and hits the top of a CO2 canister. As George turns to leave, the top of the canister is released and it flies. It hits George and pushes him into the air towards the fence. It forces his torso through the sections of the fence and his body falls apart. Nick and Lori are sitting at a bench nearby the car shop and George joins them. Lori asks Nick who died first, Hunt or Janet. Nick says they died at the same time. They decide to split up; Nick will go after Hunt, and Lori and George will go after Janet. Nick is in his car when he notices an elegant sign next to his car that reads "Clear Rivers Water". Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) was also the name of a girl who survived the flight 180 crash. When he sees the word water, he gets a vision of a coin falling in the water, some wires shorting, a soapy windshield, and a pipe bursting. He calls Hunt and leaves him a message telling him to stay away from water. At a pool, which is right next to a golf course, Hunt is having sex with a girl inside a cabana. He finishes, but she doesn't so she gets mad and leaves. He walks around the pool and sees he has 3 new messages on his phone. The moment before he is about to check them, a fat, bratty kid on an inflatable raft in the pool shoots Hunt in the ear with a water gun. Hunt tells him to give him the gun, but the kid refuses. Hunt deflates the kid's raft with his toothpick and pushes the kid in the water. He takes the gun and stashes behind a fence. He realizes the kid screwed up his phone with the water and it won't work. The gun behind the fence falls and hits a switch labeled "Drain Pool: On". The pool starts to drain. Meanwhile, Janet leaves the drycleaners and gives a homeless man some change. As she walks to her car, the homeless man throws a penny she gave him at some birds. As they fly off, one of them poops on her windshield. As she drives to a carwash, her sunroof starts to act up, opening and refusing to close. At the entrance of the car wash, she doesn't notice a sign reading "Put antenna down" and goes into the car wash after she finally closes her sunroof. As the windshield gets soaped up, the spinning flaps start bending the antenna until it snaps and is sent flying into some wires. The wires get messed up, and Janet's car stops moving. Her sunroof starts to open again and a pipe bursts from above, filling her car up with water. She screams as she tries breaking her window, but is unsuccessful. At the pool, Hunt is flipping his lucky coin on his knuckles as he sits on a pool chair. A golfer hits a ball which accidentally hits Hunt's drink out of his hand. He inadvertently drops his coin and it rolls to the pool and falls in. Hunt walks over to the pool and dives in after it. He doesn't notice the drain underneath him and it suck him to the bottom of the pool. He tries to stand up, but the suction is increasing since he his backing up the drain with his butt. The suction starts getting greater and greater as Nick pulls up to the pool. In the carwash, Janet forces her sunroof open enough to fit her head in and her neck becomes trapped. As she is coming closer and closer to flaps that spinning rapidly out of control, George and Lori enter the carwash through the exit and George pushes Janet's car back with his own car. Lori gets out and frees Janet's neck by pushing the sunroof back with her foot. She helps Janet out of the car as a pipe from above falls and breaks the windshield, draining the car. At the pool, Nick looks for Hunt. An enclosure showing the suction pressure with pipes leading to the ground to the pool starts steaming and shaking because of the backed up drain. The pressure is at the maximum when Hunt's bones suddenly get broken inward and he gets disemboweled. Blood and intestines rush up to the enclosure and explode through the top. Hunt's lucky coin lands among his bowels. Outside the carwash, George says that he's next, but he's made peace with it. He's ready to join his family. At home, Nick and Lori are safe-proofing their apartment by covering sharp knives and such. Lori doesn't get why George is ready to die. Nick sits down next to her on the couch to comfort her. Suddenly, a cup of coffee on the coffee table spills all over a newspaper, spelling out the message, "THROUGH ACTION, THEY WERE SAVED". Nick thinks that maybe they don't have to die. The two rush over to George's house and go into his room. They see he is trying to hang himself. They try to save him, but he doesn't want them to. Suddenly, the rope breaks and he falls. He confesses that he's been trying to kill himself all day. He took a bunch of painkillers, but he threw them all up. He stuck his hose up his car's exhaust pipe, but the car kept stalling. They come up with the conclusion that they broke the chain and cheated death. They go downstairs to celebrate with sparkling cider and cookies. Some number of days later, Nick is packing for his and Lori's trip to Amsterdam. He and Lori are talking on the phone to each other. Lori says that she and Janet are seeing a movie at the mall called "Love Lays Dying". Nick accidentally knocks the remote over and the TV turns on to the news. They state that there is a survivor from the crash, the cowboy. Nick has another vision of ambulance lights, a faucet, the universal sign for hospitals, and blood splattering. Nick rushes over to the hospital to meet George there. At the hospital, a war veteran is about to be given a bath. The attending turns on the tub on when a nurse enters and says she need him in another room. The attending leaves without turn the faucet off. Water starts to drip everywhere. In the room directly beneath the war veteran and the tub, The cowboy wakes up when he feels water dripping everywhere. He tries to call the nurse, but water seeps into the call button and shocks him. He manages to get on the ground and crawl away from his bed. Nick and George enter and see him on the ground as soon as the tube from above falls through floor and smashes him flat. As they're leaving, Nick and George walk across the street when a speeding ambulance hits and kills George. He was next after the cowboy. On the ambulance, Nick sees the universal sign for hospitals. He rushes over to the mall. When he stops in front of the mall, he gets a vision fire, screws, spinning belts, and an exploding theater. He rushes inside. Inside, construction workers leave from working in a room on the other side of the theater Janet and Lori is in. A man leaves his glasses on the table. The sun shines through his glasses and onto a nearby pile of sawdust. The wind blows some tarp onto a fan, accidentally turning it on. The fan blows a table with gas, oil, etc. towards barrels that say "Spontaneously Combustible". One of the bottles falls on a barrel and leaks over to the sawdust. Nick reaches Lori and Janet's theater just in time. Lori goes with Nick, but Janet refuses. Nick and Lori turn the corner as the fire ignites the barrels the theater blows up killing many people. The go back in the theater and see Janet, with a long piece of debris sticking out of her as she's coughing up blood. Nick and Lori leave as the explosions get bigger and the mall is falling apart. They're running down the escalator when a pillar falls and breaks the steps. Nick is hanging onto Lori as the escalator moves closer to the spinning belts down below. Lori's leg gets caught and snapped backward. She starts coughing up blood as the belts take the rest of her body and her blood gets splattered over Nick's face. Nick emerges from another premonition as him and George are walking across the street. He yells, "Look Out!", but it is too late as the ambulance rams George. He rushes over to the mall and goes into the construction room. He sees the fire and grabs an extinguisher and blows out the majority of it. The extinguisher runs out, so as he putting out the sawdust fire, a small piece of hot sawdust floats over to a pile of wood and sawdust and erupt in flames. Nick goes over to it as a table breaks with a nail gun on it. The nail gun points at him and fires a few rounds into his arm, pinning him against the wall. A bottle of oil falls next to the fire and leaks over to more "Spontaneously Combustible" barrels. Nick manages to grab a piece of long wood and wave it around a sprinkler on the ceiling as the oil ignites leading to the barrels, catching them on fire. The sprinkler turn on at the last second. TWO WEEKS LATER Nick is walking down the street when he asks a construction worker if the platform is supposed to be screwed tighter. The worker agrees and says that he'll get someone right on that. Nick walks across the street to Death By Caffeine to meet with Lori and Janet. They sit down with their drinks and as Janet and Lori are talking, he notices signs. There is a brochure for the pool Hunt died at. On the back of a magazine, there is an ad for Love Lays Dying. On TV, they're showing a race. He asks Janet and Lori what if the coffee shop was where they were meant to be. Suddenly outside, the construction platform falls, forcing a truck to swerve around it. It crashes into the coffee shop killing Janet, Lori, then Nick.

(Source: Warner Brothers)

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