Sunday, December 6, 2009


Release Date: 26 November 2009
Language: Malay
Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes
Director: Nazir Jamaluddin
Cast: Yasmin Khanif, Hairie Othman, Kuswadinata, Maria Farida.

Synopsis: Maria Hanafi (22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Female Newcomer nominee Yasmin Khanif) is a coveted deal-breaker at an international trading and shipping company in Langkawi. She often throws herself in together with deals and has no qualms in bedding various men in the name of business. Among the men in her life are big client Dato' Nahu (Kuswadinata), best friend Ben Adam (Hairie Omar), potential husband Ikram (Helmi Hussaini Ali), boss Tan Sri Jamaudi (Ridzuan Hashim) and superior Zulfikri (Roslan Saleh). While she has a chance at repentance through her friendship with Ben and her relationship with Ikram, she is being hunted by a psychotic private eye investigator named Ali Topan (Yang Kassim) who was sent by a jealous Datin (Maria Farida) to expose her sinful ways.

(Source: Cinema Online)

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